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„ Z Helfstyna“  Kennel - Czech Republik, founded in 1983, first puppies were born in 1985, registered and internationally protected by Federation Cinologique Internationale (FCI)

Owner of the kennel :

Dr. vet. med. Ivana Lupečková

Hruška 80, 798 27 Němčice nad Hanou, Czech Republic

Mobil 00420777140159

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Bitch of my kennel :


My dogs live with me in my house, all dogs are under veterinary care 24/7. My puppies are socialized with people, different type of dogs, cats and other animals. As an option, puppies can have docked tail and cropped ears upon request.


Breeder   „ Z Helfstyna“  Kennel is a veterinary doctor, and also an international dobermann judge Dr. Ivana Lupečková. From the begining, she combines working abilities with exterior, which during years has proven to be a good decision .


Already in first litter (1985) was born an excellent working dog 
Antis z Helfstyna (mother : Charlotte Podhráz – father : Bony z Pisecneho ostrova) - ZVV2, IPO3, participated in working championship in CZ.


This kennel imported 4 females and 2 males from Germany, Nederland, Hungary and Poland, the bitches strat 4 lines in kennel.


In 90's, the Helfstyn kennel imported 2 females from working lines - brown multiCH 

 Wora v. Bayern


 (f: Puck v. Bayern – m : Gusti v. Haus Sudetenland) ZVV2, Körung CZ ZVA 1a,

and black Yana von Bayern,


 Ex.3, angekört ZVA 1a, HD-a, ZM, ZVV1, (Puck v. BayernKessy v. Pfaffenberg)

also male Samson Seth de Grifeu,


 (m: Mykene v. Nymphenburg - Xysthos van Stevinhage), who became multiCH.IPO 3, ZVV2, Working Winner of MSDK Club 1993 + 94, Kombi - Winner 1994, Vize-Kombi Winner Austria 1993,  Working Competition Austria 1993 4th place (SchH 3), Working Competition ČR 1994 8th place.  


Next imported male was beautifull son of  Quirinus  

Thorvald van Stevinhage 


  MultiCh., D ZTP V1A, Körung CZ VA 1A, Kombi Winner MSDK, Club Winner, BOB,IPO1, ZM, BH, ZV1, IPO 1, Club Winner SR & MSDK, Kombi - Winner, Junior champion of ČR, SR, Austria Bundes.Jg. Sg. Tulln 96, Derby Winner,  Junior winner of Slovakia, CR, SR, 2 x PL, Club Junior winner ČR, SR, 6x CAJC, 3 x BOB Junior, 2 x BIS Junior, 5 x CAC, 1 x CWC, 1 x VDH SA.,Champion of ČR, CAC's in: SR, PL, Germany 3x res. CAC, BOB,.. (f: G.Quirinus v. Nederland Stam – m: Britt v. Stevinhage)


next 2 black imported  bitches are Dakota von Karpatia,


  (f : Gamon di Campovalano – m : Sydney v. Roveline), club winner, multi CAC, res. CACIB, CZ ZTP V1A, HD - 1,

and Harmony Helfenstein z Gor Przeznaczenia,


   (f: Navarre di Villa Castelli – m: Florence von Karpatia), vize club winner of MSDK, junior winner Czenstochowa - PL, best junior, PL ZTP, HD- 1,

These 4 females are mother,  grand-mother and great-grand-mother from many beutiful and quality dogs, not only from the „ Helfštýn“ kennel,  but from other kennels in Europe + USA.


 „Z Helfstyna“  line :

A. line – Multi champion Wora von Bayern  (Puck v. Bayern - Gusti v. Haus Sudetenland) pluri CAC, CACA, 2 x CACIB, BOB. ZVV2, akgekört CZ ZVA 1a, HD-1, Champion of : ČSSR, ČFR, Slovakia, Austria, expecting champion of Germany, Poland, interchampion,…. BOB,..Wora lived to be 10,5 years old .


1. generation - Wora v. Bayern is mother of 

 Ch. Johanka z Helfstyna,


  ZVV2, IPO3, SchH3, participate in working championship on ČR and WDC.

Sister Ch. Jenifer z Helfstyna, ZVV2, IPO3, SchH3, FH 2, participate in working championship on ČR and WDC. Brother Ch. , National winner Johan z Helfstyna, ZVV1 (m: Samson Seth de Grifeu, f : Wora von Bayern )


Ch. Marvin Merdock z Helfstyna,


  Multichampion, ZVV1, IPO1, angekört CZ ZVA 1B, HD-1 (m : Aslan v. t. gröne Land, f : Wora von Bayern), participant at WDC shampionship at IPO 1

Multi ch. Nathalia Ness z Helfstyna,


  ZTP CZ V 1A, ZM, ZV1, 2 x club winner !, Juniorchampion of ČR, SR, PL, 3 x Primus a 1 x Optimus junior, winner of Brno 95, winner of clubshow 97, expecting champion of Germany, Poland, interchampion, CACIB,  res. CACIB, 2 x BOB  (m: world winner, IDC world working winner,… Hertog Conan von Manensheide,   f: Wora von Bayern)

2. generation - Wora v. Bayern is grandmother of


 Ch. Wanessa Wivien z Helfstyna


 (f.: world winner Randy v. t´Sabbatsveld , m : Nathalia Ness z Helfstyna,) ZTP CZ V 1 B, HD – 1, National winner Slovakia 98, Juniorchampion of Slovakia, Junior winner of special doberman show SR 98, Champion of SR, Winner of . Zakopane, Novy Targ, expecting champion of Czech, Poland, 2 x BOB,..

 Ch. Aron Anatol z Helfstyna


 CACIB, BH, ZVV1, SchHA, ZPO1, VZ1, IPO3, Participate in working championship of world IDC 2004 + 2005, Czech 2004 + 2005, ZTP CZ V1A, HD-1, (f.: Thorvald v. Stevinhage, m.: Nathalia Ness z Helfstyna)


 CZ working champion 2005 !

sister Antoanetta z Helfstyna


ex.1., CAJC, Ring II.,

 3. generation - Wora v. Bayern is great-grandmother of :


Jasmína z Helfstyna


 HD-A, Multi youth winner

sister Joliet Joanna z Helfstyna


 Club winner of Czech, pluri CAJC, CAC, best brown female of Czech,.. ZTP (CZ) V1B, HD-2, (m.: Tahi - Réme Gulliver, f.: Wanessa Wivien z Helfstyna, )

Clubwinner 2005 Prinz Pertus z Helfstyna


 club winner of MSDK 2005, pluri CAJC, CAC.

Brother Paolo Patin z Helfstyna


 CAJC (f.: Baron Bismarck van Stevinhage , m.: Wanessa Wivien z Helfstyna )

 Triton Trey z Helfstyna, club youth winner 2004


 club junior winner of MSDK ( f: Windsor Alexander,  m.: Wanessa Wivien z Helfstyna)


B .  line – black female  Yana v. Bayern  (Puck v. Bayern - Kessy v. Pfaffenberg)  ZVV1, angekört CZ ZVA 1a, HD - 1. Yana was only at 1 show – excellent 3., is greatly  first-rate mother with hard-working nature. She is grand mother of 2 IDC work winners !!!

1. generation  - Yana v. Bayern is mother of :


CZ Ch. A. Isa Inez z Helfstyna


 (f: IDC winner G. Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam – m: Yana v. Bayern), pluri CAC, ZVV3, IPO3, SchH2 , participate 2x in working championship in CZ + world IDC, mother and grang-mother of many succesfull  dogs

Lana Elis z Helfstyna CAC, ZVV2, (f: Ch. Samson Seth de Grifeu , m: Yana v. Bayern). 

Sister Liselotta z Helfstana, pluri CAC, ZVV1,…

2. and 3. generation - Yana v. Bayern is grand-mother and great-grandmother of  this excellent dogs:

 Adrika z Budačiny (f.: Ch.Thorvald van Stevinhage, m: Lana Elis z Helfstyna), IPO3, pluri CAC,  participate in working championship on ČR

Multi ch., club winner Caro Corrado z Helfstyna


 ZTP CZ V1B, HD-1, IPO1,  (f: Thorvald v. Stevinhage, m: Klarissa z Helfstyna, (G. Guido v. Franckenhorst - Yana v. Bayern) , National winner of CZ, club winner of MSDK, juniorchampion of ČZ, SR, Champion of CZ, SR, expecting champion of Croatia, Austria,… pluri CAC, CACA, res. CACIB, pluri BOB


His sister - National winner of  Czech Catlea Cassiopea z Helfstyna,


 juniorchampion CZ,  ZTP CZ V1B, HD-1, BH

Yana v. Bayern is grandmother of  IDC world defence (schutz) winner Ch. Alex Black sagitta


 (m: Isa Inez z Helfstyna – f : Bryan Podhraz)


and great-grandmother of IDC world work winner  2005 Red Sasha Cara´s 


 (f: Alex Black Sagitta) – owner of Alex + Sasha is L. Silhavý, CZ !!

Yana von Bayern is grandmother : of Baby Black sagitta, CACIB, pluri CAC, IPO 3 Berry Black sagitta (m: Isa Inez z Helfstyna  - f: Démon Damarkám CZ Milva), CAC, IPO 3, SchH 3. This bitch participate in working championship in CZ + World 2004 + 2005

of pluri CAC, res. CAC Corry Black Sagitta


 (f: Como Jivono di Matario – m: Isa Inez z Helfstyna)


and grandmother of club winner DKCR 2005 + BOB Gex Agent Arnak 


 (f : Tahi Réme Nubira -  m: Catlea Cassiopea z Helfstyna), CZ ZTP, IPO2, HD - 1, champion of Poland, pluri BOB, Kreissieger, ...


C. line – Dakota v. Karpatia (Gamon di Campovalano – Sydney v. Roveline)

1. generation – Dakota von Karpatia is mother of :

Kaira Kiara z Helfstyna


 (f: Dakota v. Karpatia – m: Questor Quid di Villa Castelli), Vize club junior winner MSDK,  CAJC, ZTP (CZ) V1B, HD-2 (mother of IDC winner  2005 – brown female Nikita Graz z Romaru)


His brother is Multi Ch. Kirk Kroy z Helfstyna


 club junior winner MSDK, ZVV2, SchH3, IPO3, best working male of MSDK 2003, 2004, 2005, Participate in working championship in ČR + World (IDC) 2004 + 2005,Körung CZ ZVA 1a, HD – 1

CZ workship 2005 – 4. th


 (left – Ch. Aron Anatol z Helfštýna – rhigt Ch. Kirk Kroy z Helfštýna)


Next brother : Kvestor Kirby z Helfstyna


 ex.2., Vize-club junior winner MSDK, CAC, ZTP CZ V1A, HD-2


Ch.Quartessa Quirra z Helfstyna


 (m: Dakota v. Karpatia – f: Ardens Gauguin), pluri CAC, CAJC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, BIS, club winner of MSDK 2004, HD-1, ZTP CZ V1A 

sister Quiarra Quinie z Helfstyna


 pluri CAJC, CAC, res. CAC, club junior winner of MSDK 2003, junior champion CZ + SR exp. Champion CZ + SR exp. 

next sister Quirina Ardens z Helfstna


 pluri CAC, CACIB (Italy)

brother Quarlos Ardens z Helfstyna


 CAC, National winner of Czech

Yoshi Yeovill z Helfstyna


 (m: Dakota v. Karpatia – f: Ardens Gauguin), club juniorwinner of SR 2004

2. generation - DAKOTA v. Karpatia is grandmother of :

IDC world winner 2005 – brown female Nikita Graz z Romaru


 ( m: Kaira Kiara z Helfstyna – f: Windsor Alexander) 

of Easy Eroll z Helfstyna


 (f.: Ch. Caro Corrado z Helfstyna, m.: Kaira Kiara z Helfstyna

of Clubwinner of MSDK 2004  Alwin Alary Aslar


pluri CAC, res. CAC, CACIB, res. CACIB, … (f: Kirk Kroy z Helfstyna – m: Angie Alary Cerny poklad )

D. line -  Harmony Helfenstein z Gor Przeznaczenia , CAJC, res. CAC, Juniorwinner of Czenstochowa (Poland), Best junior, in 1st litter this bitch had many beautiful dogs !!!!

1. generation - Harmony is mother of :

Champion Zenon Zart z Helfstyna


pluri CAJC, CAC, CWC, junior winner of special show SR 2004, ZTP CZ V1A, HD-1, best black junior MSDK 2004, best black male MSDK 2005 (f.: Windsor Alexander  m.: Harmony Helfenstein z Gor Przeznaczenia )


his is brother Zygmund Zanny z Helfstyna


 CAJC, junior winner of special show SR 2004, best brown junior MSDK 2004


and sister is Zia Zarianna z Helfstyna


 pluri CAJC, CAC, Club winner baby SR 2003, Club winner of MSDK Czech Republik 2005, junior winner of specialty show SR 2004, best brown female MSDK 2004, ZTP CZ V1B, HD-1,

Continuation of best character and exterior quality dogs in the „ Z Helfstyna “ kennel is import of  beautifuil bitches Ardens Gracegarrida (Ardens Gauguin - Altea di Latiano), Ardens Nawa (Ardens Gauguin - Florence von Karpatia), Peneloppe Patt z Gor Przeznaczenia (Nino iz Zoosfery - Jasmína z Helfstyna).

Owner of the kennel :
Dr. vet. med.
Ivana Lupečková

Dr. vet. med. Ivana Lupečková
Hruška 80
789 27 Němčice nad Hanou
+420 777 140 159